Make a Getaway Your Way in the Capable and Comfortable 2018 Ford Escape!


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Where the lion's share of compact crossovers out there offer the flexibility for on-the-go life at an accessible price, you may have noticed a theme. No matter how impressive a small CUV may be in price and value, the "utility" part is often left out--leaving those who require light off-roading abilities and more than 1,500 lbs, towing out in the cold. For those who select the 2018 Ford Escape however, there are no such trade-offs.

That's because SUVs from the Blue Oval stable are all about splitting the difference between progress and past traditions without hampering the ability to "go further." The use of military grade aluminum in the class-leading F-150 pickup is just one example of this--although it's one of the most lightweight trucks on the market, it's durability and work ethic continue to humble in any Ford vs. the competition matchup.

The 2018 Escape has a similar approach--posting maximum tow ratings of 2,000 lbs. with the 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine equipped, or a class-topping 3,500 lbs. with the 2.0-liter EcoBoost found in Titanium models. But where in the past, such ratings would only be accomplished with six cylinders, all three of the 2018 Escape's powertrains use a form of forced induction (turbocharging) that bolsters output and efficiency.

Yet a utility vehicle that doesn't shirk on the responsibilities suggested by its name is only one facet of the Escape's offerings. Get behind the wheel, and you may realize that "splitting the difference" has even more advantages in your favor. Not only can the Escape tow heavier loads than rivals, it's blend of fun-to-drive handling, comfortable ride, and acceleration with ample gusto make it a great fit for any driving style.

Rounded out by impressive reliability and resale value figures, not to mention optional AWD with minimal efficiency trade-offs on every model (save for the base S trim, which is FWD-only), the 2018 Escape represents an enticing choice for those who want to put more "ability" in "flexibility." To get started on that front, we invite you to contact our Ford dealership in Livermore, CA when it's convenient.

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