Auto repair service at our Ford dealer near Fremont, CA 

Better Oil Change Service


One of the most effective ways to keep your vehicle operating healthy for miles to come is to stay on top of routine maintenance services. Some of these services include getting regular oil changes, checking fluid levels and getting inspections performed on a variety of parts within your vehicle to ensure everything is in working order as you continue to move forward. That being said, ensuring you have a trusted service center in your corner is crucial to the longevity of your vehicle, as our Fremont car dealership offers a better oil change service that other service centers simply can't beat.


Our technicians only use the kind of oil that perfectly meets the car's engine requirements. While we recommend a maintenance schedule of 5,000 miles between oil changes on most occasions, it is always best to refer to your vehicle's owner manual for exact manufacturer recommendations.


Regardless of the make, model, year or trim of your car, the Livermore Ford service center continues to offer the best oil change service in Fremont, CA.


Brakes, Rotors, And More


Checking and preserving the quality of your vehicle's brakes is a crucial component in ensuring the safety of you and your passengers, as well as the safety of others on the road. There are quite a few different warning signs or symptoms your vehicle will display when your brakes might need some checking, but it is important to ask questions and be proactive in your approach.


While easily preventable if brought in within a timely fashion, not all service centers provide the same service experience. At our Ford dealer, we have handled hundreds of different vehicle's brake jobs over our tenure, and as a result, we are considered the go-to service center for all auto repair needs. So, if you hear any squealing, squeaking or grinding whenever you apply pressure to your brakes or come to a complete stop, be sure to stop in for our Fremont car dealership to take a look and keep you driving safe and sound.


Unbeatable Value On Tires


The 4 foundational pillars of your vehicle are the 4 tires it rides on. This analogy is a perfect example of how important tire health is to the safety and efficiency of your vehicle. While tire repair and tire change service are certainly a frequent visit for our auto repair shop, the reality is that most inspections on your tires can be done by yourself quite easily!


In fact, if you do not regularly inspect your tires, you may experience a flat or a blowout when you least expect it. If you happen to notice a flat or a puncture, be sure to bring your vehicle in for tire service to Livermore Ford right away. Our certified technicians will inspect the tires, then determine whether we can safely perform tire repair or if we will need to replace them entirely. Visit our Ford service center near Fremont today.


Take Advantage Of Our Service Specials


One of the many ways our Ford dealer continues to help our drivers save on auto repair services is through our exclusive dealership specials. These service specials can provide tremendous value to our customers, as you can get excellent offers on some of your most frequent auto repair visits, routine maintenance, tire purchases and so much more.


While the exact offerings will range from time to time, you can be sure that these great deals are too good to miss out on. Before your next visit to Livermore Ford, be sure to check out our current auto repair specials to help save even more money at our Fremont car dealership.


Livermore Ford Is Your Trusted Ford Dealer


When it comes to offering drivers the most enhanced shopping experience, Livermore Ford continues to be the premier auto repair shop in Fremont, CA. Our skilled and certified technicians make sure your beloved vehicle gets the care and services it needs to operate efficiently for miles to come.


While other Fremont car dealerships simply treat their customers like another number, we value our drivers experience over all else, and every visit to our Ford dealer to the service center is sure to be a pleasant one.


Don't just take our word for it. Stop in today to the Livermore Ford service center, and within minutes you'll see how easy your next auto repair visit can truly be.

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