Oil change service at our Ford dealer near Fremont, CA 

Only The Best Motor Oil For Your Engine


When drivers visit our Fremont car dealership, they are not only getting tremendous value on our exclusive service center appointments, but they're also getting premium quality services across the board. Our Ford dealer specializes in auto repair and oil change service, and as a result, we are considered the go-to dealership in Fremont, CA.


One of the ways we continue to add value on even a routine oil change service appointment is through the quality motor oil we use for our customers. All oil change services include up to 5 quarts of the premium motor oil that is recommended for your vehicle's engine. In addition, we replace your previous oil filter and even lubricate the chassis components of your engine according to your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.


So, whether you need a conventional oil, synthetic blend, full synthetic oil or even high-mileage oil, the Livermore Ford service center is your one-stop shop for quality oil change services!


The Optimal Oil Change Service Intervals


While routine oil change services are one of the most common service visits you'll make for your vehicle, it is also one of the most important ones to keep up with! In fact, by neglecting oil change service, you are essentially putting additional stresses on your engine components and even eliminating how efficiently your vehicle operates. While this doesn't sound attractive in the slightest bit, these issues are easily preventable by simply bringing your vehicle in for the proper oil change service intervals.


You might be asking; “What is the optimal oil change service interval to prolong my vehicle's lifespan?” Well, this is a common question amongst car drivers, and the easy answer is that every case is different. The age, make, model and trim level of your vehicle all play a role, and to summarize it in one exact timespan is difficult to state. That said, it has been regularly considered that 5,000 miles between oil change services is a safe number to count on.


At the end of the day, checking your vehicle's owner manual will give a more specific manufacturer recommendation on how often to service your vehicle moving forward.


Going Above And Beyond


The beauty behind Livermore Ford's premier oil change service is not just the oil change itself, but rather how our Ford dealer goes above and beyond for your vehicle as well! Beyond the regular call of duty, our skilled and certified technicians add even more value to your visit through the various checks and balances they perform on your vehicle in addition to your oil change.


During every service appointment, our technicians perform a thorough 18-point maintenance check, looking for any red flags or signs of wear that could affect your vehicle's performance. This ranges from the lubrication on your chassis, the wear and tear on your tires, as well as any electrical codes our advanced technology scans for in the front cabin. If our technicians do find any points of interest, we bring it to your attention immediately, and we'll provide a recommendation for the best course of action to prevent any conflict for you down the line! These extra steps of value are just one of the primary reasons our drivers continue to trust the Livermore Ford service center for all their auto repair needs!


Take Advantage Of Our Dealership Specials


One of the many ways our Fremont car dealership continues to provide value to our drivers is through our exclusive dealership specials. These regular incentives can help you save even more on some of your routine oil change service visits or even on various auto repair services at our Ford dealer.


While the exact offerings will range from time to time, these dealerships specials are simply too good to miss out on. So, the next time you're stopping in for an oil change service or auto repair visit, be sure to check out our dealership specials at Livermore Ford!


Livermore Ford Is Your Trusted Ford Dealer For Auto Repair


When it comes to offering drivers the most enhanced shopping experience, Livermore Ford continues to be the trusted Ford dealer in Fremont, CA. Our skilled and certified technicians work tirelessly to ensure your beloved vehicle gets the care and auto repair service it needs to be healthy for miles to come.


Whether you are stopping in for routine oil change service, various auto repair needs or anything in between, Livermore Ford is your one-stop Fremont car dealership! Don't just take our word for it; stop into our Ford service center yourself and within minutes you'll see how simple your next oil change service appointment can truly be.

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