Ford has totally redesigned its 2020 Ford Escape. When compared to the older model, the 2020 Escape is more car-like and more softly styled. Designers utilized a front-wheel-drive based unibody architecture. 

The 2020 Escape will visually remind you of the European versions of the Focus and Fiesta. It borrows the grille, and the headlights are similar. The back of the vehicle gets hatchback-esque cues from its European cousins. As you drive around Livermore, you can do so in style with the sleek 2020 Escape.

The lead designers of BMW motorcycles inspired the new Escape's shaped and streamlined look. This year's rendition of the Escape is lower and wider than its previous version. The new styling features suggest a tall Ford Focus wagon.

The 2020 Escape ditches the chrome six-sided grille of the older version. Instead, it deploys a black-mesh trapezoidal fixture. The headlights are similar, but the new Escape has lower LED accents and dual bulbs. The light housing also differs. It has unique styling elements that carry from the bumper. The older model employs a more traditional approach.

Even though it is 200 pounds lighter, the 2020 Escape is longer, wider and lower than its predecessor. Its shape is smoother, thus making it more appealing. The designers moved on from almost every design aspect of the previous model in the 2020 version. They even changed the side mirrors.

When viewed from the rear, no one around Livermore would know that the compact SUV belonged to the Ford family. It has sexier taillights, and the dual exhaust tips have a body-colored surround. The vehicle also has a more defined diffuser over the rear window that is accented by a piano black trim.

Visit [DEALER] today to test drive the 2020 Ford Escape. You will be surprised by how this attractive new model handles like a car but sports the functionality of an SUV.

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