What's New With the 2020 Ford F-150?

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The 2020 Ford F-150 will soon be rolling onto the lot here at Ford, and we expect to see a few changes in this popular truck line-up. This is not a big redesign year for the Ford 150. But there are some new colors and upgrades to packaging options. Read on to learn more!

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Technology Features In The 2019 Ford Explorer

Technology features in the 2019 Ford Explorer dashboard 

Look Within The Ford Explorer

Technology is very prevalent in modern vehicles such as the 2019 Ford Explorer and it stems from performance to safety. Here we will be discussing the different kinds of technology features that you can find or utilize in the new Ford Explorer. These are features that will help you on rough terrain, keep your passengers entertained and maintain a safe driving environment. Keep reading to learn more and then visit our Ford dealership for a test drive today.

Performance Technology For More Control     

Under the hood of the 2019 Ford Explorer Sport and Platinum, you…

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Be Safe And Drive The 2019 Ford Explorer

Safety features in the 2019 Ford Explorer

Coming Out On Top

The 2019 Ford Explorer wouldn't truly be a Ford without coming out on top with something. This model is the first in its class to have inflatable outboard second-row seat belts. This will keep your rear passengers even safer if an accident does occur. Come to our Ford dealership to learn more about why the 2019 Ford Explorer is the ultimate vehicle for safety today.

Ford Safe and Smart™ Package     

With each new Ford model, you can equip the Ford Safe and Smart™ Package. This package includes advanced safety features to make your drive as…

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Experience Better Oil Change Service At Livermore Ford

Oil change service at our Ford dealer near Fremont, CA 

Only The Best Motor Oil For Your Engine

When drivers visit our Fremont car dealership, they are not only getting tremendous value on our exclusive service center appointments, but they're also getting premium quality services across the board. Our Ford dealer specializes in auto repair and oil change service, and as a result, we are considered the go-to dealership in Fremont, CA.      

One of the ways we continue to add value on even a routine oil change service appointment is through the quality motor oil we use for our customers. All oil change services include up to 5 quarts…

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Get Quality Auto Repair Services At Livermore Ford

Auto repair service at our Ford dealer near Fremont, CA 

Better Oil Change Service


One of the most effective ways to keep your vehicle operating healthy for miles to come is to stay on top of routine maintenance services. Some of these services include getting regular oil changes, checking fluid levels and getting inspections performed on a variety of parts within your vehicle to ensure everything is in working order as you continue to move forward. That being said, ensuring you have a trusted service center in your corner is crucial to the longevity of your vehicle, as our Fremont car dealership offers a better oil change service that other…

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Find Your Monthly Payment Estimate with Our Helpful Online Tool

Did you know that you can easily find an estimate for your monthly auto loan payment with our handy online payment calculator tool? With this helpful resource, you can find a monthly payment estimate for that new Ford that you've been eyeing and use the information you gather to plan your next move. Using the calculator is quick and easy, and it doesn't require any scratch paper or more than a few moments of your time.

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