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The experience of getting a new or pre-owned car, truck or SUV is no doubt an exciting one. So, when it comes to auto finance for that vehicle, the redesigned Livermore Ford finance center now offers more ways than ever to keep that enthusiasm intact.

Too often, potential car buyers stop short of pursuing what they really want for fear that it just won’t fit within their budget. At Livermore Ford in Fremont, we offer a number of terrific auto finance options — from car loans to car leases — that cater to more peoples’ needs and alleviate that concern.

For a better insight into those different options, keep reading. We then hope you’ll stop by and see how we can help get you on the road in comfort and with confidence.

Finance With A Car Loan

There’s nothing quite like ownership. A great way to work toward owning your car is via a car loan. At Livermore Ford, our team of auto finance professionals will not only walk you through the process of what’s involved with a car loan, but they also use established relationships with preferred banks to isolate loans with the lowest interest rates.

Even if your credit score is less than ideal, the friendly staff at your Fremont Ford dealer can and will help set you up with a car loan that works within your budget.

To many car buyers, financing to own is a great investment. Once it’s paid for, it’s yours for the duration of its lifespan. You can do anything from sell it to pass it on down to your kids. To learn more about the great option of a car loan, stop by our Ford dealer near Fremont.

Auto finance options at Livermore Ford in Fremont, CA

When A Car Lease Makes Better Sense

Not everyone in the market for a vehicle is interested in taking on a car loan and working toward ownership. If your interests are driven more by practical purposes, a car lease could be the way to go.

Most car leases run 2-4 years, come with lower monthly payments than if you were financing and really have no strings attached. When the lease has run its course, you can simply return the vehicle to your Ford dealer near Fremont and set up another lease or do nothing at all.

Something to keep in mind is that since a lease does not result in ownership, there will be a reasonable limit to the number of miles you can put on the vehicle. If your needs for a car don’t require an exorbitant amount of travel, a car lease could be a terrific option.

Get Started Online

Once you’ve experienced Livermore Ford’s outstanding selection of new and pre-owned vehicles and found the right vehicle for you, we invite you to visit the tremendous staff in our finance center for help to determine the best payment plan. From there, it becomes a simple process of filling out some basic information on our online finance application. We’ll take it from there and get the wheels in motion. Our goal is to make the entire car shopping experience — yes, even the financing part — smooth and comfortable.

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Whether you are looking to own your Ford or lease it, the auto finance center at Livermore Ford is committed to helping create comfort, understanding and savings with all your auto payment plan options.

We understand that everyone’s needs and wishes are different. As such, our finance center goes the distance to help find the perfect, most affordable fit for you.

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