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Livermore Ford's state-of-the-art Service Center puts your vehicle's wellbeing first. You can count on us for premium auto repairs, oil changes, access to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, and much more. Feel free to contact our dealership's Service Center to give your Ford the comprehensive care that it deserves.

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Repairs That Come with Peace of Mind

Our Service Center's team has the skills and experience required to complete major, minor, and routine auto repairs. From fender benders to significant engine malfunctions—there's no task that our team can't handle. We use OEM parts so you can take your vehicle the distance after your repairs are complete.

We're happy to perform car repair service on all makes and models. Check out our Monthly Services Specials before you schedule your next Livermore Ford Service Center repair appointment.

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Above and Beyond Oil Service

Routine maintenance plays a central role in your vehicle's ability to perform. Get more out of your drives with regularly-scheduled oil changes at Livermore Ford's Service Center. Our team will determine whether conventional oil, high mileage oil, or full synthetic oil is best suited to your model. After we change your oil, we'll give you some maintenance tips and OEM Ford parts recommendations that help you optimize your driving journeys.

Trained to Work on Your Vehicle

Our friendly, highly-skilled certified technicians provide top-tier service and maintenance for all makes and models. Livermore Ford's Service Center encourages you to ask questions about specific OEM parts and accessories that will extend the life of your vehicle. Our valued customers can use a FordPass™ Rewards Visa® Card to receive exceptional service financing rates and put monthly service specials toward certified service that comes with a smile.

Have you heard about our Service A and Service B appointments?

Service A involves oil change service and routine vehicle inspections. When your vehicle reaches more than 20,000 miles, the Livermore Ford Service Center team recommends Service B, which is more comprehensive and includes an inspection of all your vehicle's parts.

Contact our Ford service center to receive more information on how we can improve your driving experience with a Service A or Service B appointment.

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Temporarily Hit the Brakes on Driving and Come In for an Inspection

Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle when you stop by for brake repairs. This inspection will include essential preliminary measures like a brake pad evaluation. If you've been noticing squealing or screeching sounds when you apply your brakes, we recommend you get in touch with our Service Center so you can learn more about receiving timely and efficient solutions.

Your brakes are a foundational element of your vehicle. Allow us to perform a thorough brake inspection and follow-up car repairs so you can feel safe and secure behind the wheel.

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Remain a Step Ahead of a Dead Battery

A dead car battery will, unfortunately, leave you stranded—but don't let this get you down! Contact us today, and you can remain ahead of the curve with our battery check and replacement service. We'll determine your battery's current condition, refine your alternator's operation, and extend your battery's lifespan. Our Ford Service Center gives you access to an online scheduling platform that streamlines your appointment-setting process so you can easily prioritize your battery's health.

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Stress-Free Tire Service

The work of our certified technicians extends far beyond premium auto repair. Livermore Ford Service Center's technicians will readily perform routine tire rotations and integrate tire replacements when required. We'll take the time to discuss your tire's condition after an inspection, so you know exactly how much tread you're working with.

While tire wear is inevitable, regularly occurring tire rotations prolong the tire replacement process by moving your tires into different positions. This transition is necessary since certain tires experience wear and tear at faster rates than other tires. You'll know it's time for tire replacement service when your tires fail the penny test or contain no tread at all. The penny test involves you placing a penny head-down into your tire tread's grooves and evaluating whether or not the top Lincoln's head is showing. Tire tread that covers the top portion of Lincoln's head reflects that your tires are in a healthy state. You can rest assured knowing that Livermore Ford offers fast and easy tire replacements that quickly get you back on the road.

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Our Service Center Points You in the Right Direction

Have you felt your steering wheel veer left or right lately? Allow the Livermore Ford Service Center team to determine whether or not your vehicle needs a wheel alignment service. Our certified technicians will return your wheel's directions to factory settings that set the stage for smooth, resistance-free drives.

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Service At Your Door

Can't come to us? We'll bring our service department to you. Schedule an appointment with our convenient Mobile Service & enjoy 5-star treatment today.

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Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center

Quick Lane® is your go-to place for routine auto maintenance for all vehicle makes and models. Get extraordinary service from expert technicians, find quality parts from Motorcraft® and Omnicraft TM and take advantage of our Low Price Tire Guarantee.

Plus, Livermore Ford offers convenient evening and weekend hours. Visit us for trusted vehicle maintenance services covering all the essentials: tires, oil change maintenance, brakes, batteries, alternator, electrical system, air conditioning system, cooling system, transmission service, suspension, steering, wheel alignment, belts and hoses, lamp and bulbs, wiper blades and a thorough vehicle checkup report.

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