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Hybrid vs Electric vs Gas Vehicles

Which is Better? Gas, Electric or Hybrid?

At Livermore Ford, we offer our customers innovative vehicle options that feature intense style, exceptional safety and high-end technology. You also have choices when it comes to the engine options you prefer. With the launch of more and more hybrid, electric vehicles, you can go well beyond gas-powered vehicles when selecting a new Ford model from our Ford dealership in Livermore, CA.

Our team is also here to help you understand the differences among hybrid vs electric vs gas vehicles to help you make an informed decision when buying or leasing a new Ford. Contact us today to learn more about the new Ford lineup.

Hybrid, Electric Vehicles

Which is better? Gas, electric or hybrid models? The choice is up to you. However, the team at our Ford dealership is eager to help you understand how each category of vehicles differs. Fully electric cars, such as the Ford E-Transit, the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Ford F-150 Lightning, operate with electric motors that pair with high voltage battery power.

These zero-emission vehicles do not require gasoline and can be charged at charging stations or home charging stations. Many electric vehicles come with DC fast chargers, too, to reduce the charging time. With electric ranges that exceed 250+ miles, you can take a road trip without having to endure gas prices as you would with a gas-powered car or SUVs with gas engines.

When option for hybrid electric vehicles, know that there are several types of hybrid vehicles, including plug-in hybrid models. Regular hybrid vehicles improve fuel efficiency by using both gas and electricity. All hybrid vehicles are equipped with a gas tank, an electric motor and a high-voltage battery. These models also typically have an all-electric range of around 42 miles but offer you better fuel economy than gasoline engines.

You can also opt for a plug-in hybrid vehicle, such as Ford Escape SE Plug-in Hybrid or go full hybrid with the Ford Maverick, the F-150 Hybrid, the Explorer Platinum and the Escape SE Hybrid when shopping for Ford hybrid electric vehicles at our Ford dealership in Livermore, CA.

Gas-Powered Ford Models

When comparing hybrid vs electric vs gas vehicles, know that gas-powered options are still available at Livermore Ford. Although you may not save as much at the pump in a gas-powered vehicle, you do gain impressive power on the road and can opt for a fuel-efficient model, such as the EcoSport, Edge and Escape SUVs. Standard gas vehicles are powered fully by natural gas or diesel, which unlike hybrid electric vehicles, does produce emissions.

However, when comparing hybrid vs electric vs gas vehicles, know that it can be more expensive to opt for a fully electric car or a hybrid vehicle. To make the best choice, compare gas prices, convenience and your personal preferences when deciding which is better: gas, electric or hybrid.

Test Drive Gas, Hybrid, Electric Vehicles in Livermore, CA

The team at Livermore Ford is eager to showcase our lineup that includes gas-powered, fully electric and hybrid vehicles. We truly care about helping you make a great decision for you and your family when buying or leasing a new Ford model. We also help you save with new vehicle specials. Contact us today to get started.