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At Livermore Ford, we’ve become more than your go-to source for car buying. While we continue to receive rave reviews for our selection of new and used Ford vehicles, there comes a time when you need parts for service or repair. You could get parts online, but there’s no guarantee that you are receiving a genuine component. Instead, you want to trust the experts in Livermore, CA. Shop Ford parts from Livermore Ford to experience the difference.

Why Genuine OEM Parts?

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. With our parts, OEM simply means that the components you purchase were made by Ford. They were not constructed by an aftermarket company or third party. When you purchase genuine parts and accessories, you are guaranteed the perfect fit and superior durability compared with what you can buy at an auto parts store. Using OEM parts to maintain your vehicle also ensures that it operates and drives like it did from the factory.

Additionally, when you purchase Ford parts, you get a warranty that the components are going to work as they should. Most genuine Ford parts come with a one-year warranty. If your part should fail prematurely, Ford Motor Company offers you a replacement at no additional charge. You won’t find the same thing when you purchase aftermarket parts for your pickup truck, sports car, or electric vehicle.

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What Parts Are Available at Our Ford Dealership?

Whatever your needs are, you can find the parts at our premier dealership. Our Parts Center stocks the maintenance items you need to keep your vehicle running its best. Whether you are planning to do an oil change, looking to change the brake pads or you need to replace the spark plugs, you can find genuine Ford parts here.

We also stock the components needed to perform your own repairs. If you want to work on the engine, exhaust, four-wheel drive system or any other major component, we have you covered.

With our stock of Ford Performance Parts, you can accessorize your vehicle to match your personality. Upgrade your F-150 with new wheels or take things up a notch with your new electric pickup. Whether you want all-weather floor mats, upgraded headlights, a new car battery or windshield wipers, our team of professionals has you covered. When you bring your Ford Transit or other vehicle to our Service Center, we use the same OEM parts that we sell you.

How to Order Ford Parts Online

It’s simple to get your Ford parts from our dealership.You can request the part you need online. If it is in stock, you will be able to pick it up right away. However, there are some parts that need to be ordered from Ford. With these, you receive free shipping to our dealership. Once the part is ordered, we can give you an estimated delivery time.

Additionally, our Ford parts department is here to ensure you get exactly what you need. Our trained professionals understand the ins and outs of your vehicle. If you aren’t sure what part is needed for a perfect fit, consult with one of our team members before placing your order. You can speak with a Parts Specialist if you need help figuring out what accessory or part will work best. It’s our job to ensure your vehicle runs like new at all times. We do this by supplying genuine parts for your next repair, service or maintenance interval.

Why Trust Livermore Ford?

We know it can be frustrating trying to figure out where to purchase your Ford parts. Our premier dealership is here to help! We only sell genuine parts, so you are guaranteed the durability and quality that comes from your favorite automaker. Whether you are repairing your vehicle on your own or you want to maintain it, it’s vital to have these genuine parts for a factory-like ride.

Additionally, our service is prompt. You won’t be waiting an excessive amount of time to get your parts. In fact, if the parts are in stock, you can grab them right away. We are also here for your questions. Speak to our Parts Specialist or auto technician anytime you need a little more guidance.

At our Ford Parts Center in Livermore Ford, we pride ourselves on being your go-to source for everything Ford related. Order your parts today and get back to enjoying the ride.

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